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Intelligence and Control for Optimal Safety and Security

Video Surveillance, Safe, and Secure Always 

Provide utility, industrial, and commercial structures with advanced communication and data relay capabilities. With intelligent systems designed to make monitoring and securing tasks safe, accurate, efficient, and consistently reliable, you are able to take total control of all areas of operations. Connect with us today at Digital Systems MX to learn more.

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Digital Systems MX

Cartagena 959

Colonia Latinoamericana

Saltillo, Coahuila 25270


844 1801911 | 844 1801912


Branch Offices

Av. Luis Vega y Monroy 1001Centro Sur

Querétaro, México.

Av, Revolución 1er. Sector #3800 Int. 909 CP 64850

Monterrey NL, México.

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